Built for Busy Teachers
and Eager Learners

The Ultimate Digital Learning
Platform for Music

This uniquely designed platform offers a stunning collection of immersive and participatory audio-visual learning experiences for early-stage classrooms.
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It’s Built for You,
The Busy

Emsona enables you to deliver a comprehensive music curriculum with ease and pleasure, regardless of your level of musical expertise.
Emsona frees you to make music alongside your students while simultaneously gaining professional skills and confidence.
Emsona helps you bridge the gap between the tremendous benefits of universal music participation and the challenges you face unlocking that potential for all learners.

It’s Built for Them,
Your Eager Learners

Emsona engages learners in participatory audio-visual learning experiences that ignite curiosity, encourage experimentation, and promote discovery.
develop awareness
Emsona develops musical awareness in every learner by deepening understanding and fluency in the language of music.
Emsona encourages co-operation, collaboration, self-expression, and creative synergy to build transferable soft skills for music and for life.
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The lessons held their interest very well and we achieved lots while having fun. The children absolutely loved it and I loved it myself, it is very visual.
As a Visiting Teacher for Children with Vision Impairment I will be doing everything in my power to encourage those working with children on my caseload to consider taking on this programme.
It appeals to the senses, big time; visual, aural, oral, tactile, and movement. And the aims are reinforced too by the exercises.
It is pre-prepared for the teacher and the aims and outcomes are very specific. So, less written more achieved, I'm all for that!

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